Chris Diersen, sculpture.

Below, you will find links and descriptions of art on this site that is for sale. While I've done what I can to describe the pieces as carefully as possible, you may still have questions, which I invite you to call or write to ask. Please check back soon for more artwork for sale!

Also, please note that while most of the work displayed on this site is either already sold or not for sale, arrangements can be made for reproductions of any art on this site in almost any size or material.

For purchase inquiries and other questions, please contact the artist.


Colorado alabaster,
h. 18cm w. 17cm (w/o base)
$950 us


Utah alabaster,
h. 18cm w. 8cm
$400 us


Utah and Colorado alabaster,
h. 20cm w. 27cm
$2,100 us


Colorado alabaster,
Concrete, aluminum
h. 20cm w. 40cm
$1,500 us

Equatorial Sundial

Various material,
Various dimensions
By contract
$1,800 - $65,000 us