Chris Diersen. Chris Diersen is a sculptor who works in stone and other mediums. He currently resides in Redlands, California, in Southern California's Inland Empire, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles. He began carving while attending graduate school at Ball State University where he was a Teaching Assistant in the Geology department. He received his BA in Anthropology and English Literature at the University of Pittsburgh in 1994 and completed his MA in Anthropology at Ball State University in 1996. His Thesis "Archaeological analysis of Lithic Procurement Technology at the Warsaw Quarries, Coshocton County, Ohio" is available by special order and has received awards from numerous insomniac therapy organizations. He is a native of Western Pennsylvania and has lived in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsin as well. In addition to being a sculptor, Chris works in the Professional Services division of ESRI in Redlands, California. His works are available through galleries or by commision.
His current interests lie mainly in creating large works of sculpture in various mediums.

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